Sunday, January 9, 2011

Free Shipping

I will also be offering FREE shipping on orders of $20 or more, Wednesday, January 12 - Saturday, January 15. 

Thanks for your time.  You may now return to your regularly scheduled program!

Much Love,


Welcome and Contest!!!

Welcome to Perfectly Petunia!  Thanks for stopping by!  I currently have all my products listed on Facebook (Perfectly Petunia page); however, I will be posting them on the blog this week. 

Now on to the much anticipated contest!!!  Yay!

For all of you Facebook users, you probably know the rules, but here goes:

1.  Contest begins today and will end Friday at 12:00 pm (central).

2.  I want your friends to be my fans/followers.  So, you get your friends/acquaintances/neighbors/family to "like" my Facebook page, Petunia's Petals, and/or follow this blog and you get points!!!  One point per person per like/follow.  They must also leave a comment on Facebook/my blog stating who referred them, so I will know to whom the points belong.

3.  The person with the most points at the end of the contest will win...drum roll, please...a $30 Perfectly Petunia credit!!!  Wahoo!!!

I know, I know, you all can't wait to get out there and start referring people, but wait, there's more!!!

If you purchase a headband during this time, you will receive 5 points per headband!  Wow!

If you have questions regarding rules, please let me know! 

Thanks for stopping by and thanks in advance for supporting New Life Tabernacle Youth and Bible Quizzing!!!!

Much love,